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Chandoo Masterclass Pic
Advanced & Interactive Charting with Excel

with Chandoo

Create beautiful, striking and insightful business charts & dashboards, using powerful Excel features like slicers, maps, forecasting, formulas and tables.

Celia Alves Masterclass Pic
Power Query Fundamentals in Excel

with Celia Alves

Do you spend a lot of time re-shaping your data (e.g. splitting and merging columns, adding calculating columns, sorting and filtering, summarising your data…

Jordan Masterclass
Excel Data Visualization & Analytics

with Jordan Goldmeier

If you know the right tools—and approach the problems correctly—what you build in Excel can outshine other products like Power BI and Tableau. And, you don’t need…

KEN PULS pic New
Introduction to Dimensional Modeling for the Excel Pro

with Ken Puls

At the core of every good Power Pivot or Power BI solution is the Data Model. But do you really know how to work with it properly? What shape your tables should have?

Robin Waite Masterclass Pic
“Productising a Service” – Product Architecture, Pricing and Sales

with Robin Waite

You will learn how to make more money than ever without having to do any more marketing than you’re currently doing and without having to cut costs. The reason you’re not…

Boris Hristov NEW Pic
Story. Design. Delivery: Next Level Business Presentations

with Boris Hristov

Get ready for something different, and innovative. Learn the difference that sits behind those presentations that keep you on the edge of your seat, and those that send you right…

Randy Austin Masterclass Pic
Creating Your Wealth & Success With Excel

with Randy Austin

Learn how to leverage your Excel skills to create incredible value for the marketplace and use those skills to gain the freedom, wealth & success you desire. Take a deep…

Danielle's Masterclass
Building the Financial Model Dashboard

with Danielle Stein Fairhurst

Summarise the outputs of your financial model using standard Excel skills into a concise, dynamic and visually appealing one-page dashboard report.

Gasper's Masterclass
The Power Pivot Data Model

with Gašper Kamenšek

This Masterclass could just as well be called optimization techniques for data modeling in Excel. In this whole day Masterclass you will use Power Query and Power Pivot to…


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